Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's Here! My New Oil-less Turkey Fryer

It's called The Big Easy and Char-Broil claims is has all the taste of a fried turkey, without the oil, mess and imminent backyard explosions we hear about every year on Thanksgiving.

I'm intrigued. I've always been too chicken to fry a turkey (heh heh), and therefore the perfect candidate to try out a gas powered oil-less unit.

First I'll need to assemble and season the little guy. I've bought a 14+ pound Northwest Natural turkey and am planning to try the first recipe in the Charbroil booklet they send. It's very simple - 1 turkey, peanut oil, and herb seasoning of your choice.

How many of you have deep fried a turkey? How many have tried The Big Easy? If you've tried both, please share your comparison in the comments.


  1. I love my Big Easy did a 14 lb turkey and it turned out Great. Going to try a chicken tomorrow night and then going to do a Boston butt next week. I just Love my BIG EASY how have i lived with out it.

  2. Wow, h. daddy, that's quite a thumbs up. I'm looking forward to it. Did you use peanut oil before your rub? Just curious. I want to use peanut oil to get the deep fried taste, but then my mom can't have any :).