Thursday, October 27, 2011

Spooked by the Smokin' Pete's Ghost

The other night I was working late on a Monday. We recently decided to be closed on Mondays during the fall and winter, to give ourselves and the business a break. I find I love to work in the peace and quiet.

Only the other night, it wasn't at all quiet.

If you've visited our restaurant, you may have seen the sign above on the green bathroom.

That sticker was there before we opened. It was put there while it was a butcher shop and there are a number of supposed sightings of a ghost, or ghosts, in the building.

One worker from the Butcher Shoppe days told me he saw a short man with a black hat standing with his horse in what is now our dining room. A ghost horse? I recall smirking when I first heard it.

Another story goes that after one of the past owner's father died, the green bathroom kept getting locked...from the inside. Hence the sticker.

I've never liked working at night alone at Smokin' Pete's. It's in part because of the stories, and in part because old buildings make noises, but also because of something else. Something not super scary or menacing, but definitely something more.

I heard that something the other night. I was in the bathroom when something, or someone BANGED the door. Hard. It jolted me out of my end of the day brain drain, and immediately all senses went to high alert. This wasn't a door creaking from a sudden gust of wind. The bang I heard was so hard and definite that the door shook, echoing for a few moments after.

"Hello? Who's there!" I called, quickly gathering up my things.


I was outta there faster than you could say "I AM NOT AFRAID."

Don't worry. I've never heard or seen hide nor hair of any ghosts during business hours. But whomever is there likes the place to themselves once the open sign is turned off and the dishes are done.

I understand. Maybe we, me and the ghost that is, can find a way to share the lovely silence on Mondays. Since this Monday is Halloween, I might skip it and work on my ghost personnel issues later.

Have any of your own ghost stories you'd care to share?

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