Thursday, September 8, 2011

We need one more day! Smokin' Pete's back open on Friday

Eric was right. There. I said it. When we decided to close for two days to deep clean and reorganize a bit, all was fine. When I said, "Yeah, but the floor really needs to be repainted," Eric replied,
                 "You're crazy. I'll have no part in it."

I'm a bit of a picker. If I see a little paint chipping off, it's a struggle not to pick it. So I rented a giant shot blaster machine and boy, let me tell you, that thing picked the whole floor off!

So we need another day for the paint to dry.

My fault. See you Friday. Could you not wear high heels? Maybe socks. Or those booties real estate agents give you when entering a house for sale. No?

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