Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July Everyone. May your 'cue be tender, may your steaks sizzle, and may you combat "bubble butt" on your burgers by making a slight depression in the center of them before they hit the grill (that was a tip, by the way).

For the first year since we opened the restaurant, I not actually working today. Eric is, as is most of our crew, but I get to be on kid duty today. Why, you ask? Because last night was our very first night away from the kids. Ever. So they need extra mama today.

Last night we went to the Lilith Fair at the Gorge, after which we drove to the woods at Index (arriving in the wee hours). We woke up and picked huckleberries, and headed back to town to pick up our loved ones, who were watched over by their loving grandparents (yay for grandparents!!!).

It's a testament to our employees that we can do this on such a huge barbecue weekend. They actually like it when "mom and dad" are away, not because they can goof off, but because they can prove to us how great a job they can do without us. Not that we need any convincing, but we appreciate it just the same.

Now go out there and fire up the coals, y'all, if you aren't already there.

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  1. Nice to hear about the family side of a business, a personal touch goes a long ways in my books
    Enjoy the 4th!