Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drew Landry on the Gulf Oil Spill: Just Do The Right Damn Thing

To continue with the musical theme this month (grin), I saw this on Huffington Post today. I love this. A fine young man named Drew Landry got up and sang to the politicians. Drew, like so many people, has lost more than just his livelihood from the BP oil spill, he's lost his way of life. In the end of his presentation, in frustration he says, "Just do the damn right thing."

I want that on a T-shirt.

Not that would do anything to stop the gaping, gushing hole of oil that no one seems to know how to stop.

The destruction of ecosystems from this spill is something I doubt we will see recover in our life time. What gets me, though, is the amount of toxic chemicals they are using to break up the oil, that is already making people sick. Duh. Why is common sense so difficult for Washington?

Perhaps this song can help give the people a voice.


  1. YES! I love it, thanks for sharing this girl!

  2. That is amazing, not only was it a good song, but the words from the heart and not being combative but being respectful and getting respect back from the committee., very touching.

    I hope that all will be repaired down there some day soon.

  3. Glad you both liked it. After I saw it in the morning, it bumped the post I was going to do today.