Friday, January 29, 2010

Food Poetry Friday: The Colors of Maui

Welcome to Poetry Friday. Anastasia Suen is hosting the round-up today. Here at She-Smoke, I like to focus on food poetry. Today I'm interpreting this as food for thought.

I'm calling this a photo-poem, inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii. (I know, I know, won't she ever shut up about it? She wrote 1-2-3 blog posts about it). My response is that I get very little time off, people. Or sleep. So indulge this one very last post about my Hawaiian vacation.

The colors of Maui
by Julie Reinhardt

When I stepped on to the beaches of Maui
I learned a new meaning of




If we could see faces and think

lava sands shifting with resting Monk seals

corral crumbles sifting while Humpback Whales carouse in the bay

 shell treasures hiding along windy cliff-edged beaches

maybe then we could smile and breath and sigh and nothing else.


  1. Jealous, I got a vile of that black lava sand when my kids were young...

  2. Indeed. Skin color should be as natural and awe-inspiring as the colors of the sand (or any other colors in nature, for that matter)!

    (excuse me for a moment while I dream of beaches and sun...)

  3. Lovely! Reminds me of home. Thanks for the wonderful words and photos :).

  4. Thank you all. Mary, looking out at this grey day, I think I'll dream of beaches today too.

  5. I love the idea of the photo poem and the poem itself. Can't blame you for thinking of Hawaii. I would be too. ;-)

  6. Thank you T. I bet you could do entire books of photo-poems, blending two of your passions! I just changed the spacing a bit, to make the colors above the photos clearer (and fixed a typo I swear I'd fixed before I posted!)