Friday, November 6, 2009

Food Poetry Friday: Lunchtime Blues

Today for Food Poetry Friday, I'm posting a poem I wrote that is about food, friendship, and one horrific cold. Since I have been waylaid this week by a whopper of a cold, I thought of this poem. This originally appeared in an on-line magazine called Fandango.

Lunchtime Blues
© Julie Reinhardt

Ellington squished his tuna fish
Martha squeezed her cheese
Jennifer popped her soup can top
And Winnifred stopped a sneeze

“I think we have the lunchtime blues,”
Said Jason to the group.
“We need excitement and a change
From tuna fish, cheese and soup.”

Ellington heaved a heavy sigh
Martha tapped her toes
Jennifer slurped a sip of soup
And Winnifred blew her nose

“How about some tetherball?
Why not take a walk?
Let’s pretend we’re in the zoo
Or anything! We could talk!”

Ellington put his sandwich down
Martha took a stand
Jennifer stopped in mid-soup-slurp
And Winnifred wiped her hand

Ellington looked at Martha’s cheese
Martha eyed the soup
Jennifer sniffed the tuna fish
And Winnifred coughed a Whoop

Ellington gave his tuna fish
To Jennifer with a grin
Martha handed him the cheese
And took the soup cup tin

Jason shook his head again
Winnifred’s head shook too
“Winn would you play tetherball?
“Lub to,” Winn said, “Hab Cheeeewwww!”

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