Thursday, October 24, 2013

Smokin' Pete's BBQ featured in Haunted Washington

How great is this? Northwest author Adam Woog has included our ghost experiences at Smokin' Pete's BBQ in his new book, Haunted Washington. The section about us is titled "The Smokin' Ghost of Ballard" which I absolutely love.

Wong read my blog post about our ghost a few years back and contacted me to find out more. I happily told him some of the other experiences people have had at our place and then promptly forgot about it. As a writer I know that books take a long time to make, and most of them don't ever make it to print, so I was thrilled to see his book on my desk last week.

It's a great and timely read full of local ghost stories from all over Washington. You can read about the Red Lady who haunts the Sorrento Hotel, or about the creepy "Lady of the Lake" body found in Lake Crescent that had basically undergone saponification due to the high concentrate of salt and calcium in the lake. Ew, a soap mummy! There are so many more great stories and Woog's trademark Washington history throughout.

You can buy it on Amazon just in time for Halloween! And full disclosure, if you click on the link from my site, I think I can make, like two whole cents on it, so come on y'all, let's all get Julie some gumballs! I like gumballs...and ghost stories.

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