Thursday, July 12, 2012

Almost Half-Way

This is the time of year when we've been in the thick of it, catering-wise for a good solid 6 weeks. We start to get edgy. Morale breaks down. Pizza is ordered. A lot of pizza is ordered. I have a back log of posts and recipes that would be lovely to share, that would take me 30 minutes to an hour tops, but I just don't have it! Yet. I see a window coming next week.

So I'm simply going to share a few photos of gigs we've catered. I notoriously don't take pictures. I even bought a new fancy phone that takes wonderful pictures, but catering shots really look best before the guests go through the line, and that is a caterer's crunch time. I don't have time to lollygag around, snapping food shots.

Here are just a few moments I had to quickly capture the moment:

Our booth at the South Sound BBQ Festival.

Pig cookies with bacon-maple frosting.

Pulled Pork, Smoked & Grilled Chicken and Elaine!
Slaw. Gotta have slaw.

Amidst it all we catered my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. Shockingly we didn't serve barbecue. Here are some lovely crostini with herbed goat cheese and roasted peppers.


  1. I could not do what you do. Catering is TOUGH work.

  2. Thank you, Chris. It is hard work, physically and mentally. But I love working with clients in creating their event. There is something about going to party every day at work!

  3. Even though you did not serve barbecue, the pulled pork and grilled chicken were perfect with the coleslaw you made, Julie! I am practically drooling just by looking at the photos. The crostinis were simple, but they had the perfect combination of the roasted pepper and herbed goat cheese. I am sure you’ll have more catering events coming!

    Lawrie Brinkerhoff

  4. Glad you enjoyed it,Lawrie. But of course, if we served pulled pork, we DID serve barbecue! We smoke our pork shoulders for about 12-13 hours. There are those that would say pulled pork is the only barbecue. Thanks for commenting!