Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Superbowl Party Recipe: Smoked "Reverse Popper" Wings

The big game is almost here! For those of you hosting a party, here is an easy and delicious twist on wings. It's simple; stuff wings with a mix of sausage and diced jalepenos, dust with rub and grill. What you get is a nice smoked wing with a little spicy surprise inside.

Jumbo wings, 1 and 2 joint. As many as you want to make.

Diced jalepenos, canned. 1 small can goes a long way.

Sausage - your choice. I chose a sweet Italian. Factor 1 spoonful per wing.

1 part brown sugar
1 part mix of paprika, cumin, kosher salt, black pepper, and chili powder
(or use your favorite with added brown sugar. I liked the sweet contrasted with the heat).

Cut wings open slightly to make a little pocket for the mixture. Thoroughly mix the jalepenos with the sausage. Stuff a heaping spooful in each wing and "reclose". Dust with rub.

Make a hot grill with half indirect space. Grill first directly to sear and mark for 5 minutes on each side, then move to indirect heat with your lid down until done, approximately 20-30 minutes. It's important you use the big jumbo wings so they don't get overdone before the sausage is cooked.

Serve with hot sauce, barbecue sauce, or sweet-hot Thai chili sauce.

May your team win!

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