Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello Snow!

The wood pile is ready for making fires after sledding. That is a perk to owning a barbecue restaurant - an everlasting supply of wood. Sure, using up our nicely seasoned cherry wood for firewood isn't economical, but this might be our only true snow day all winter. And frankly, the mobile smoker isn't getting much action right now so we might as well use some of those sticks sitting in the shed.

For those of you laughing at our paltry Seattle 2-3 inches, and the fact that schools got out yesterday because of a "threat of snow", check out the snowman we made the previous day at the park. We call him Wood Chip Man. If you look closely you might be able to discern the face made out of wood chips, as opposed to the wood chips that were picked up in the rolling.

By the way, Smokin' Pete's BBQ is open today. Come in to warm up with some barbecue.

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